“Call down the thunder.. and you’ll reap the whirlwind.”


In yesterdays “Overwatch – What’s new” panel, the Overwatch team revealed new skins for the game that will finally not be bound to limited-time events! At the end I will link to a YouTube video showing the mentioned part of the panel.


Immortal – Orisa


Meant as a reference to the Protoss unit “Immortal” from StarCraft, this Orisa skin brings a fresh feeling with it!




Magni Bronzebeard – Torbjörn


Torbjörn picks up the look of Magni Bronzebeard, the former king of Khaz Modan, originating out of the Warcraft universe!



Nova – Widowmaker


The looks of Nova, the second most famous ghost and former companian of Sarah Kerrigan, will be warped right out of the StarCraft universe and onto Widowmaker!



Blackhand – Doomfist


Doomfist will be put into the colours of Black the Destroyer, warchief of the horde during Warcrafts first war between Stormwind and the horde!



Barbarian – Zarya


The looks of Diablos barbarian class go great with Zarya and will be a joy to see in Overwatch!



The Butcher – Roadhog


Roadhog will be put into the skin of The Butcher, a fearsome and brutal beast from the Diablo universe, slautering everything its path! Will he find enough Fresh meat in Overwatch to be sated?



Crusader Reinhardt


Reinhardt is here to pick up the fresh and young look he just recieved in his new cinematic Honor and Glory!



Ecopoint Mei


Mei also recieves a skin designed after the snowsuit she wore in her cinematic!



The panel


As mentioned at the start of the article, the skins were revealed as part of the “Overwatch – What’s new” panel on BlizzCon. Everyone with a virtual ticket can go to http://blizzcon.com and rewatch the whole panel there. For people without the ticket, the reddit user DocterrificDoc made a post about it, linking to a YouTube video that shows off the skins. You can see the post here.


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