BlizzCon 2017


This article will be a quick summorization of the announcements we got on BlizzCon 2017!


Blizzard World


The first huge announcement we recieved in the opening ceremony was Blizzard World! A new map for Overwatch, featuring all of Blizzard’s universes in a themepark map called Blizzard World! The map will be a Hybrid-Map, similar to Eichenwalde.





The second big accouncement regarding Overwatch we learned about today was Moira, our 26th hero! She’s an, according to Jeff Kaplan, “High damage, high healing, high mobility support. Yes, she’s overpowered.” So better prepare for that. I will be covering her abilties in a seperate article in the next couple of days.



Honor and Glory


The last thing we got, that connects to the game directly, is a brandnew Reinhardt cinematic, revealing a bit more about his backstory and the last fight on Eichenwalde, including the final moments of his master, Baldrich.



Dragons of the Nexus


The last overall announcement that might be interesting for any Overwatch players out there, is the addition of Hanzo into Heroes of the Storm! He will be released together with Alexstrasza, a Dragon Aspect from the Warcraft universe and I will cover him when he is available to play for everyone!



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