As of today players can now preorder not one, but two books – coming together thanks to the collaborative help from Dark Horse Comics!

Last year, Michael Chu had mentioned that their original idea of a Graphic Novel had been canceled – and that Blizzard wished to take the story in a different direction. This project was also supposed to be handled with Dark Horse Comics, and was originally scheduled to release in April of this year. Though fans were disappointed, it seems that the partnership with Dark Horse was not forgotten.

The books Blizzard plans on handling are an art book and an Anthology, respectively. To start, let’s take a quick look at The Art of Overwatch.

The Art of Overwatch is slated to release on October 24, 2017 and is available to preorder via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Two versions of it will be made for the public – one Limited Edition and one not.

The Limited Edition comes with a glossy slipcover featuring our favorite poster girl Tracer, and comes with two portfolios that have three specific prints curated by the Overwatch team. This book is marketed for $100 USD.

The Standard Edition is the book itself, but is only marketed for $49.99. Old World of Warcraft veterans may be aware that this isn’t the first time a book from them has cost this much.

Both editions are 9’’ x 12’’ hardcovers, and are filled with 300 pages worth of art and commentary from the Overwatch team themselves.

The second book, Overwatch: Anthology, Volume 1, is also a hardcover; this book contains the original 12 digital comics that were written and illustrated by the creative team, and contains over 140 pages. This one retails for $19.99.

Which books are you planning on buying? Are you eager to snag all the goodies? Let us know!

You can find more information on Dark Horse’s website, here.

Robyn Urbina
I'm a Junior attending university with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Sociology. I aspire to be a fantasy author, but watching and taking note on how people interact in the world is pretty great, too! The eSports community is no different.