Bench Boys Benched: TwoEasy Quits

TwoEasy has done it again and quit his own organization. Since his debut on 2015 with Fnatic, the Dutch player can not seem to stay put. After abandoning Fnatic on early 2016 in order to create the short-lived, he continued bouncing between different teams such as WEUNITED and FaZe Clan on September. Only to be laid of from the last one earlier this year, which many have seen as a mistake.

After having such a tragic story with different e-sports organizations, and with his previous knowledge about building one from scratch, he decided to create Bench Boys. This new organization was created February 4th with the support of players both coming from different organizations, such as KYB (REUNITED), Kryw (Misfits/Luminosity), and new players in the pro scene such as HAL and Greyy. A week later Winghaven, TwoEasy’s previous teammate from both Fnatic and REUNITED, completed the team in order for them to play. Since then they have experienced a rocky start, but without doubt they were a team full of promise.

Today he announced through Twitter his retirement from this team in order to pursue further opportunities:

As we can see he now opts for a more established team that will boost his competitive presence.

This move, undoubtedly strange, may have been foreshadowed before. Both independent and established European teams have not been performing as well against the more grounded Asian and North American teams. A newly formed team, such as Bench Boys, would have struggled finding its voice in the everyday growing competitive scene.

Regarding his teammates, this may be an opportunity for them. In the latest tournaments they have not been performing as well together:

The remaining five players have proven to be talented enough for them to shine in the competitive scene. Let’s hope that they either find a new teammate or are picked up by an organization.

Image source: GosuGamers


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