Bastion is Getting his Own Cinematic!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time pro-player or you just started playing Overwatch a few hours ago, we all had our struggles with none other than the killing machine, Bastion.

Blizzard just announced that a new Overwatch cinematic was about to come out and all players will get to learn more and, hopefully, appreciate more this controversial robot unit.

The animated short is called “The Last Bastion” and will premiere on August 18th, 6PM CEST at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

For those who don’t know much about Bastion, here’s a little bit about his Lore:

Bastion units were created in order to keep the peace into our world, possessing the unique ability to turn themselves into a form of turret but also in an assault-cannon mode. When the Omnic Crisis began, Bastion units turned against their human makers and joined the Omnics’ rebel army. Even after the Omnic Crisis ended, and even if almost all Bastion units were destroyed, they still represent the horrors of the war against the Omnics. 

The Bastion we know from the game was severely damaged during the final battles of the Omnic Crisis and was left forgotten, lettting nature reclaim the unit. Over a decade later, while small animals made Bastion their new nest and vines slowly grew on him, he unexpectely reactivated, unaware of the time that passed since he was deactivated.

Since Bastion was not needed for war purposes anymore, he became interested in the natural environment growing around him. Curious about this new world, he decided to travel and explore the world to discover his new purpose.

Bastion may seems harmless in appearance, but whenever he feels danger, his combat programming takes over and he becomes this destructive killing machine once again. This is the reason why Bastion tries his best to avoid populated areas.

You can watch the event live at!

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