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About Robyn Urbina

I'm a Junior attending university with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Sociology. I aspire to be a fantasy author, but watching and taking note on how people interact in the world is pretty great, too! The eSports community is no different.

Blizzard with Books Galore!

As of today players can now preorder not one, but two books – coming together thanks to the collaborative help from Dark Horse Comics! Last year, Michael Chu had mentioned...
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A Wild Orisa Appears!

The hints have become clear, and Efi Oladele’s creation comes to life! Meet Orisa, an automaton revamped after Numbani’s OR15 robots were torn to bits by Doomfist. After purchasing the parts...
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Good Smile Company x Overwatch: Tracer Edition

Funko Pops not your thing? Don’t worry about it! Good Smile Company, a popular Japanese Figma brand, has announced our favorite poster child as one of the next Nendoroids in...
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Your Heart’s the Objective, Valentine!

Merry Christmas! No… wait, that’s December. Happy Lunar New Year? That can’t be right, the event just ended. Oh… today’s Valentine’s Day! Today, @PlayOverwatch is giving out cute cards and greetings to...
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Wheels, Buffs, and Nerfs – PTR Patch 1.7.0

Here's a quick synopsis on the newest additions to the PTR released January 5th, 2017!

Cheers Love, the Calvary’s Queer!

Today, Blizzard has released the comic Reflections just in time for the holiday season to be at its craziest, and who other than Tracer to be here, queer, and ready...
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‘Tis the Season: Widowmaker Edition

Widowmaker made a scene in this arms- er, loot race!

Meiday, Meiday: Analyzing Overwatch’s Cryomancer

Let's have a look at what makes 'Mei the Bae' tick in battle.