About Vanny

Hey! My name is Vanessa, I am 18 years old and living in germany. I used to semi-professionally play CS:GO in the ESL and am now casting small tournaments and, obviously, writing articles here, both regarding Overwatch!

PC & Console: What’s The Difference? Part 1 – An Interview With a Dual-Platform Player

Today I’ll be talking to Astra, a member of the Omnic Core community that plays on both PC and console, asking him about the differences between PC and consoles, to get a...
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Of Pigs and.. Scientists – More PTR Updates Coming!

Agents! We bring fresh news on future patchnotes for the PTR! According to a post on the forums by Principal Designer Geoff Goodman, we will be seeing another change to...
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Ability Sensitivity Settings – R.I.P. Boostio?

Agents of Overwatch! I have assembled you today to spread the news of the new ability sensitivity setting launched on the PTR. Abilities affected by these changes are as follows: Ana’s...
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Omnic Love and Server Browser – PTR Patch 1.8.0!

Welcome back agents of Overwatch! Yet another PTR Update with big changes to the game and it’s balancing just got launched and here’s what it brought to us.   First...
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Wombo Combo’s: The Essence of a Teamwipe

A quick look at a few of the great combo's hidden in the heroes (ultimate) abilities

How to Make Sushi: A Guide to Genji

A quick introduction to Genji and his playstyle.

When Overwatch Meets Anime

You think Overwatch and Anime do great together? Get over here and take a look at what I've got for you.