About Vanny

Hey! My name is Vanessa, I am 18 years old and living in germany. I used to semi-professionally play CS:GO in the ESL and am now casting small tournaments and, obviously, writing articles here, both regarding Overwatch!

Blizzard World and Cosmetics Update Arrives

“Bul Kathos smiles on us this day.”   It’s the day of days! After a long wait we will finally get new permanent cosmetics added to the base Lootboxes later...
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BlizzCon 2017 | New crossover skins for Overwatch!

“Call down the thunder.. and you’ll reap the whirlwind.”   In yesterdays “Overwatch – What’s new” panel, the Overwatch team revealed new skins for the game that will finally not...
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BlizzCon 2017 | Blizzard World & more!

BlizzCon 2017   This article will be a quick summorization of the announcements we got on BlizzCon 2017!   Blizzard World   The first huge announcement we recieved in the...
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D.Va the Destroyer | New Overwatch themed skins in Heroes of the storm

“But at last, the whole of Azeroth will break.”   With Ana’s release, the Heroes of the Storm team decided to give D.Va a new legendary and also gave other...
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You’re powered up | Ana enters the Nexus

“Mother knows best.”   Ana, the 6th Overwatch hero to enter the Nexus, went live today, available for everyone to purchase and play in the current Heroes of the Storm...
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Ryuugekiken! – Genji enters the Nexus

“Mi o sutete mo, myori wa sutezu.”   In today’s article I wanted to cover the newest addition to Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Genji Genji is the 4th Overwatch hero...
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Overwatch Uprising! – Patch 1.10.0

Patch 1.10.0 together with the Overwatch Uprising event are now live! This Patch includes the new Overwatch Uprising event alongside with Hero Updates, Map Changes and adjustments to Competitive Play.   Overwatch Uprising “Starting...
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Orisa release and balance changes – Patch 1.9.0!

Patch 1.9.0 and Orisa go live on 21st of March! This patch includes our new hero, Orisa, a long with a lot of balance changes.   Orisa   To get...
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Freedom fighters, attend! – PTR Patch 1.10

Welcome back, agents of Overwatch. Patch 1.10 went up on the PTR this evening and I have the news for you! This patch includes changes to Competitive Play, Eichenwalde and a Lúcio buff,...
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A Wild Orisa Appears!

The hints have become clear, and Efi Oladele’s creation comes to life! Meet Orisa, an automaton revamped after Numbani’s OR15 robots were torn to bits by Doomfist. After purchasing the parts...
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