About Tom

Tom, or more commonly known as Slateyy, is a 22 year old streamer over at He is an avid player of FPS based games and RPGs, of which there is an obvious love for Overwatch. If you want to talk about something Tom has written, or about games in general, don't hesitate to tweet him or visit him on Twitch!

Artist Spotlight – Savannah Glitschka’s Animal Watch

Recently, I was graciously offered the opportunity to chat to the artist behind one of the best Overwatch crossover series I’ve seen. Fearsome¬†warriors, protectors of justice and criminals have been...
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Artist Spotlight – Faebelina

Overwatch is full of weird and wonderful characters and heroes: Omnics, outlaws, criminals, animal scientists. With all the mechanized warfare going on, it’s a welcome sight to see Faebelina bringing...
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Artist Spotlight – Ben Lo

A while ago I came accross two pieces of Overwatch fanart that I absolutely loved, and I recently got the chance to talk to the man who forged them. Ben...
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