Brady Spielman

About Brady Spielman

Brady Spielman is a writer/animation enthusiast from Pennsylvania, and one of Omnic Core's community spotlightists. He's a gamer with titles such as Bioshock Infinite. Persona 4 and Destiny in his library, and enough dog pictures to keep the team motivated even during the slowest of days. With several years of writing experience and a lifetime of gaming behind him, Brady writes about the community and his favorite southern cowboy.

CosplayWatch: An interview with Ewenae

This week on CosplayWatch we are joined by the lovely Ewenae, a cosplayer who seems to fit the role of almost any character she encounters. So who are you and...
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Cosplaywatch: An Interview With Zonbi

Today I’m here to talk with Grace, or as she’s more commonly known: “Zonbi”. Thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with us. So, tell us...
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CosplayWatch: An Interview With The Cosplay Bunny

This week on CosplayWatch, we have a chat with The Cosplay Bunny! So who are you and what might we know you from? My name is Blue but most people...
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Jeff Kaplan Opens Up About New Hero

In a recent interview with IBTimes UK, Jeff Kaplan talked a little more about the current state of the next Overwatch hero, Stating: “Yes! I absolutely know who the next...
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CosplayWatch: An Interview With Pomdust

Welcome back to another week of Cosplaywatch! This week we are joined by cosplayer Pomdust!   So, who are you and what might we know you from? My name is...
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Cosplaywatch: Featuring Vensy

This week on Cosplaywatch we are joined by Vensy! a prop maker/cosplayer who also streams on twitch. So who are you and what might we know you from? My name...
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Possible Doomfist clue datamined?

Blizzard has recently patched the PTR sever with a bunch of new changes. The one many are talking about is an image hidden away in the files of the patch...
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Interview with Vox, the Cosplaying Shiba Inu

Omnic Core writer SeleBraid had a chance to sit down and talk with Taylor, the owner of Vox, the cosplaying Shiba Inu. They spoke about how the two met and...
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Guide to McCree

A look into who this rogue cowboy really is, and how to play him.

The Future of Overwatch

What to expect long after Overwatch's release.