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JRY's real name is still unknown, but that does not stop him to continue writing and finding his place on the world. When he is not busy with real life, he likes to spend his time writing, playing games & reading.

Aiming on Console 3.0: We’ve been heard

When the Overwatch team decided to bring its new game to consoles, they were up to a huge challenge. Along with the difficulties of simultaneously patching the game, the way...
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Streaming vs. Pro Playing: Seagull’s Choice

Seagull has been without a doubt, one of the most prominent players of Overwatch since launch. After playing Team Fortress 2 in the professional scene, he carried over to the...
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The Eve of the Insurrection: NEW EVENT LEAK

It is that time of the year again, agents. A new event is coming and with it, leaked information is starting to come through. This time a video was posted...
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Hero 0: Meet Jeff Kaplan

Hey everyone, welcome to the Objective! This week one of our most beloved heroes offered up an AMA on Reddit; Jeff Kaplan. Given the popularity of Overwatch, it was just...
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Bench Boys Benched: TwoEasy Quits

TwoEasy has done it again and quit his own organization. Since his debut on 2015 with Fnatic, the Dutch player can not seem to stay put. After abandoning Fnatic on...
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A New Season Looms!

Blizzard prepares to move to Season 4 as Season 3 draws to a close.

Doritos & E-Sports 1

Be sure to read our new column by the OmnicCore e-sports team!

OW Open: A Viewers Guide NA

North American teams battle for a ticket to the televised finals.

You Be You, I’ll Be Support – Live Meta

A few weeks after launch, let's see how it pans out.

Experience The Sounds Of Overwatch

Taking a look at one of the community remixes and how it perfectly portrays Overwatch