Jamie Shaw

About Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw has always been an avid gamer since he first picked up a copy of Crash Bandicoot at the age of five. An FPS gamer and PC activist, he has years of experience in games such as Counter-Strike, TF2, Left 4 Dead, and DOOM under his belt. He writes the weekly column, Git Gud, and is the most painfully Scottish member of The Objective team.

Terry Crews Teases E3 Announcement

Yesterday, Terry Crews gave a teaser to fans that he had a big announcement coming at this year’s E3, and strongly hints that we already know what it is. Crews...
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Git Gud – Zenyatta

Ever forced yourself to get good with a character?

Nanobiology, Omnics and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Mercy’s Lore

Blizzard love their lore, but when it comes to Overwatch, they’ve hidden it quite a bit. So to save you a little bit of time (and a large bit of...
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