Sara W.

About Sara W.

Sara is an aspiring writer and avid video game and comic fan with a slight problem with over analyzing story and character development. A historian by trade and a writer of over 5 years experience, she works to bring you interesting insight into Overwatch through various topics and mediums. Remember to keep fighting the good fight and don't feed the Yao Guai.

REVIEW: Uprising

Blizzard has started 2017 out with a plethora of new content for its up and coming competitive game, Overwatch. From new heroes like Orisa, to the alluded to event and...
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2017 Overwatch World Cup Goes Global

In a little under a year, Blizzard has brought Overwatch onto the world stage not once but twice with the announcement of the second Overwatch World Cup. The World Cup...
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Former Misfits GM Builds New Team: Laser Kittenz

A common theme throughout 2017 has been the shifting scale of the Overwatch eSports scene as teams dissolve and rebuild into new organizations and combinations. Trailblazing organizations have undergone major...
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Efi Oladele: Genius, Inventor, New Hero?

Atlas News interview with young Numbani inventor may have just shaken up who the next hero for release may be.

The Story Must Go On

Is there an Overwatch World Guide in the works?

(r)eUnited Back in Action

As of 2pm CST, the former REUNITED team found a new home with the multi-platform organization, Announced via their twitter earlier today, four of the original REUNITED members come...
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Battle Brawl!

Patch launched and has brought a number of changes to Overwatch, many of which seem to have sparked a new energy for fans. Sombra’s well anticipated release helped push...
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Interview: Kitty of Team France

We got to sit down and talk with Team France's support player, Kitty.

Sombra Makes Her Way Onto the PTR

A quick review of Sombra as played on the latest PTR build.

Misfits defeat EnVyUs 3-1 in Overwatch Open Final

Overwatch's first televised tournament ends in Misfits victory over Overwatch's top team.