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Editor-in-Chief and Front End Web Developer here at The Objective. Primary roles are keeping the gears turning with fellow contributors and maintaining website maintenance and upkeep. Please report any article errors or website problems via Twitter.

Improvements for Official Forums, Server Passwords, Clan/Guild System

Clan/Guild System Custom Server Suggestion: Passwords Balancing Heroes Legendary Hero Skins Official Forums Improvements

S3 End and S4 Start Dates Announced

Season three ends next Tuesday and season four begins the following Tuesday.

BNet’s New ‘Suggested Friends’ Feature Causes Concern

Earlier this evening a new build went out for the desktop app. This build included some bug fixes but its major talking point was a new feature: Suggested Friends....
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New Discord Bot ‘Athena’ Joins Server

Hello everyone, this is Anzu! Happy Valentine’s Day first of all and we hope it’s a wonderful one for you and your loved ones! Some time ago we mentioned that...
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Korea License Changes, Event Drop Rates

Blizzard is introducing a new policy for Korean players in an effort to curb rampant hacking occurring on the Korean servers.   Event Droprate  

Lúcio Has Entered the Nexus

Source: Blizzard Entertainment Today, Heroes of the Storm announced a new addition to their hero pool: Overwatch‘s Lúcio. Lúcio is the third Overwatch hero to be included in the game,...
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Bastion DR Cap, Roadhog and Winston Changes

Roadhog Scrap Gun, Chain Hook Changes, Winston Crit Volume Reduced

Play Overwatch Free Nov 18-21

Announced on November 9, Overwatch will be free to play across all platforms November 18-21. This is the second free weekend of play since the game released. In September there...
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A Look at Arcade Mode

A pre-PTR look at Arcade mode as described in the What's New? panel.

Overwatch Q&A Live

Up to date coverage of the Overwatch Q&A at BlizzCon 2016.