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Overwatch Patch Now Live For All

Today marks the end of the Summer Games, season 5, and the introduction of a new patch with significant hero changes, a new map complete with two new game modes,...
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Rise and Shine: New Overwatch Short is Here!

After a long and eager wait, the latest Overwatch animated short is here: Rise and Shine, featuring the climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou and of course, Snowball. Premiering yesterday at GamesCom 2017,...
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Giveaway: Celebrate Newest PlaysTV Update

The Objective has partnered with PlaysTV to celebrate their latest and greatest update! Founded by Quake champion, Dennis Fong, PlaysTV takes a simple and easy approach to recording your favorite...
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Comp Penalties, Health Packs in 3v3, Small Patches

Our apologies for missing a collection of Blue Posts this week. Here they are for you! Small Patches   Penalties in Comp   Health Packs in 3v3   Custom Games

Genji Takes on the Nexus

Overwatch’s cybernetic ninja agent and outcast son of the Shimada clan, Genji, enters the Nexus. Announced today on Twitter, the popular DPS character is the latest Overwatch hero added to...
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