Recently, I was graciously offered the opportunity to chat to the artist behind one of the best Overwatch crossover series I’ve seen. Fearsome warriors, protectors of justice and criminals have been transformed from the inhabitants of war-torn cities, to wonderful anthropomorphic animal villagers inspired by the world of Animal Crossing.


Hi Savannah! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Savannah Glitschka, an illustrator and graphic designer based out of the Pacific Northwest. 🙂

What brought about the inspiration behind creating a cross-over between Overwatch and Animal Crossing? Are you a fan of both series?

I’m a huge fan of both Overwatch and Animal Crossing, I had recently been bingeing both titles and often finding myself wishing there were cute villager versions of the OW cast. So one night I just started to imagine what villager animal each hero would be. That idea led me to making a poster series!

It’s clear that there is some resemblance between certain Overwatch heroes and Animal Crossing characters, such as Torbjörn and Mr. Resetti. How have you matched up some of these heroes with their animal counterparts (is it based on appearance or rather, personality traits)? 

For the most part I looked towards actual canon evidence of animal relation, for example: D.Va = bunny rabbit; Lucio = Frogs, etc. Some of them were super obvious like, for example, Winston being a gorilla!

However others were more tricky, I personally struggled for like a week trying to figure out what animal Widow maker would be. There are spiders in the game but they’re more like items you collect, and there aren’t any bug villager types. I ended up making her an octopus because spiders and octopuses both have 8 legs! It was really the best substitution I could think of, and I think those big pouty octopus lips look perfect on her.

If you were to adapt another game series that you interested in into the Animal Crossing universe, what would you go for?

There’s been a few I’ve thought of exploring, for example possibly doing a TF2 x OW crossover with some of the more obvious comparisons, like Sniper and Widowmaker with switched costumes, or something silly like that! I was a HUUUUUGE fan of TF2 before OW came out (and I’m still a active player of both), so I thought doing that would be another cool way of marrying two of my favourite games!

Is there a favourite amongst the Heroes you’ve drawn in Animal Crossing style?

really love Cat Villager Genji, and Mercy as Isabelle. Isabelle Mercy especially is, I feel, one of the best comparisons of them all!

Lastly, it’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk to you about your series. Is there anything you would like to leave our audience with or others in the art community?

Just keep making fan-art. I love seeing other people’s stuff just as much as I enjoy creating it. It’s one of the best aspects of online communities, and I’m really honored to have struck a cord with so many other fans 🙂


If you want to pick up some posters of the series, Savannah will be holding a booth at Sakura-Con in Seattle, WA, held between April 14-16! You can also find this series and more over on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitch


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