Agents of Overwatch! I have assembled you today to spread the news of the new ability sensitivity setting launched on the PTR.

Abilities affected by these changes are as follows: Ana’s Nanoboost, Mercy’s Guardian Angel & Healing/Damage Beam, Sombra’s Hack, Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook, Zarya’s Projected Barrier, and Zenyatta’s Harmony and Discord Orbs.

These options are located in every heroes specific settings. Go to “Options” and navigate to the “Controls” tab. There, click on the dropdown menu in the top right and chose the hero you want to customize. Then, scroll down to the “Hero” section and choose your desired sensitivity.


What are these settings?

The sensitivity settings determine how big the hitbox for an ability will be; for example, Nanoboost. The amount of space that can be between the visible hitbox of an allied hero and your crosshair. On 100, the sensitivity remains unchanged and how it used to be before the update. If set to 10, the hitbox becomes very small and you will need to actually aim on the target to apply your ability.

This is the hitbox with 100, pre-update, sensitivity.

Source: Riley (Omnic Core writer)


This is the hitbox with 10, lowest possible post-update, sensitivity.

Source: Riley (Omnic Core writer)


My opinion about these changes

The changes made definitely favour some heroes more than others. For example from my perspective as an Ana main, these changes come in handy. There will be less missclicks on unwanted boost targets (BOOSTIOOOOO!) and more responsible Nanoboosts overall. On the other hand, when playing Zarya the smaller hitboxes absolutely do not favor you. Zarya’s task is to save her allies with her Projected Barrier, so the smaller the hitbox is, the more precise your aiming has to be to apply said barrier in time when a teammate is dying.

All in all, I like that Blizzard added these changes. The settings feel more customizable and the heroes more individual.

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