A Wild Orisa Appears!

The hints have become clear, and Efi Oladele’s creation comes to life!

Meet Orisa, an automaton revamped after Numbani’s OR15 robots were torn to bits by Doomfist. After purchasing the parts and putting them together, Efi updated “her programming and gave her a heart”.

Orisa’s primary concern is the people’s safety, represented in the concept of being Overwatch’s new Tank hero.


One of the weapons Jeff Kaplan mentions in the Developer Update is her Fusion Driver, described as a “projectile machine gun” that fires off 200 rounds at the expense of her movement speed. Its alternate fire is similar to Zarya’s ultimate ability in that it clumps enemies in range together for repositioning. It also keeps them in place for a short time, allowing players to line up and strategize for advantages.

Her next ability, Fortify, reduces damage and prevents getting hit by any abilities that may stop her from functioning, say Reinhardt’s Earthshatter or Junkrat’s Steeltrap. She can also cleans herself out of movement preventing de-buffs that are not a stun.

Her protective barrier is similar to Reinhardt and Winston’s shield, albeit smaller, but can be placed anywhere she targets. She can move it closer or further away from her and it can soak up 900 damage before it finally cracks.

Her ultimate ability, Supercharger, detaches a device from the back of her body and damage boosts everyone in its line of sight. Keplan mentions that the gimmick to this ability is that the enemy team has to destroy or hack it with the help of Sombra, so make sure to keep it only in sight of your friends – not your foes!

Keplan wanted to make Orisa different in the way that she wasn’t a disruptor like D.Va or Winston, but she also wasn’t what he describes Reinhardt as, an “Anchor Tank”. Rather, she is the type of tank that brings sufficient shielding and utility without requiring too much movement.


Her legendary skins are the following:

(Source: Reddit)

I personally think that Orisa might be a bit overtuned in her current state on the PTR and requires a few more weeks of testing before she can go live. The fact that she has a small version of Zarya’s Graviton Surge as her right click on a less then 10 second cooldown could be too much.


What do you think of Orisa? Do you like her design and her play style? Let us know!

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