A New Season Looms!

That was a long one! Blizzard has just announced the end date for the third ranked season of Overwatch. After starting on December 1st 2016, Season 3 will end:

– February 21st 2017 4:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

– Februrary 22nd 2017 12:00 AM GMT / 1:00 AM CET

Season 3 was the first season without any major changes to the ranked system, and featured a tank-heavy meta. Blizzard has been making a lot of changes in the recent weeks, changing this situation in order to bring a new and fresh Season 4.


As with every season, there will be rewards according to your ranking. First of all, every player who completed their placement matches will receive a conmemorative spray and icon representing Season 3. If at any point you achieved to be placed into the Top 500, you will receive a special icon and a cool animated spray.

The CP points will be given accordingly to your rank, this can be used to purchase gold weapons for your favorite heroes:

  • Bronze: 100 CP
  • Silver: 200 CP
  • Gold: 400 CP
  • Platinum: 800 CP
  • Diamond: 1200 CP
  • Master: 2000 CP
  • Grandmaster: 3000 CP

It is important to note that the rank accountable for the rewards will be your highest rank achieved during the season, not your current rank. 

After Season 3 ends, there will be an Off-Season of one week. During this period you can still play ranked with the competitive rule set, but you will not earn any competitive points nor rank. Afterwards, Season 4 will kick off on:

– February 28th 4:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

– March 1st 12:00 AM GMT / 1:00 AM CET

You will need to do your placement matches again in order to start climbing the ranks.


We currently do not know much about Season 4, but if we follow Blizzard’s previous pattern it will feature a map as its brand. Blizzard has stated that in the following weeks we will learn more about the changes that will be made for Season 4.

What are you looking forward for Season 4? Good luck, and have fun!

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